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Installed Fedora Core but No Boot

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I got fedora core off of a magazine dvd & thought I'd give it a go as I had a spare drive hooked up.

At the moment I have a riad0 array & dual booting XP. Fedora has been installed to a single drive.

I installed fedora & was a bit concerned about the boot sequence so I added what I thought was XP to it as it was not being picked up by the install.

Everything went well & when I rebooted all I got was my XP boot.ini no fedora.

I've rebooted with the first fedora CD inserted & tried 'linux repair' but can't figure it out. It picks it up as being installed.

In XP computer management I can see that the drive has fedora installed on it. How do I get in???

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