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Hi boys and girls,

today I helped my dad setting up his new system, an ACER Aspire pc, with Vista home premium X64 preinstalled. My dad also bought a Samsung syncmaster P2050 LCD monitor. Then we ran into a problem. The monitor is connected to the videocard via DVI cable. I tried to install the latest driver for this monitor but I cannot select the adapter for which I want the new driver to be installed. Then it sayd "parameter wrong" and it aborted the installation. Under devicemanagement there is an exclamationmark next to the monitoradapter. It also says "standard VGA monitor".

I do not know what to do now. Do I have to connect the monitor via the analog cable to the videocard, then install the analog drivers and then change to the dvi cable and install the digital drivers? Do I need to connect both cables? Or is there an easier solution....?

So, pls HELP!


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I'm confused. You are having a problem with the Monitor Drivers, but you keep talking about the adapter. The Monitor Driver should be installed under the Monitor Icon in Device Manager, not under the adapter Icon.

1) If it is a 32 BIT driver it will not work on a 64 BIT install, you need to find a driver that is 64 BIT (if there is one) or just use the Generic Monitor Driver. Or you could look for a similar Monitor and use that 64 BIT driver.

2) Under device manager, and with the DVI cable connected, uninstall the monitor. Shut down and then reboot. Plug and play should find the "new" monitor and find a driver for it or ask if you have a disk. Point it at the files on the disk. If the driver is 64 BIT and correct for the monitor it will install.

It is possible there is no 64 BIT driver. Contact support at NEC and ask about 64 BIT VISTA Drivers for that monitor. If it's a new monitor teh driver may be late.


sh! it stinks
Thanks guys for all your input. I will try sunday when I will visit my dad again!

I need to install the driver because this monitor can take 1600x900 as resolution and Vista only goes to 1280x1024. See attachment, maybe this describes the problem better.


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