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Install new MB and CPU without re-installing XP....Can it be done?



I know in win98 there is a simple adjustment made in the registry when you do this sort of thing, and when you boot back up, it reacts as if you have just added new hardware. But in XP, its different. I really dont want to have to re-install all my crap over this.

Any clues?
Much appreciated

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I'd say it's just same as under Win98.
But (yes, here's one), it could severely depend on the motherboard ( not on the CPU) such as the chipset from Intel to VIA or reverse. The kind of ram also: from 100/133 to 266/400.

You should do it just fine though (take care to backup everything, just in case !)

Hope this help you. Wait also for others to reply.


on my 2nd system, i had xp pro running on a p2-350 w/ 256 mbs of ram. thinking that it would be just fine if i swapped out the mobo/cpu for a new combo, boy was i wrong.

system would not even boot to safe mode. i had to reinstall everything.

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So long as the boards roughly the same age (IE the bios supports ACPI or whatever) then there should be no problem.

From the ones I've done, just expect a long wait at the welcome screen


all i gotta say is ghost images.. =) my friends are constantly annoyed with me because i format so often...they try to run a game or something only 2 find that they have to install it all over again =)


making partition images with Ghost or Drive Image is a great idea.. I do this and it has saved me a lot of time.. if your OS becomes corrupted or infected you can restore a previous image of when it was working well.. despite this a new mainboard calls for a clean install and all OS and chipset updates..


I found that after changing the mobo, doing a fresh install is the best thing.

As far as ghosting, why really do it if something is wrong with the current setup/configuration..wont it still be wrong when you ghost the sytem and add it back ?

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Originally posted by catch23
Why NOT...If you haven't noticed, Windows gets extremely STUPID after only a few weeks.
Eh No actually, Mines been on since it came out, yes I've had a few slowdowns and the like but finding the cause stops me having having to re-install.

Mind you, I totally agree with you if it was 95,98,me :D


I agree that a reinstall makes more sense. Having said that, I just upgraded my M/B and CPU and did not reinstall. XP behaved nicely and set up the new hardware with little hassle. I did have to reactivate, however.


bmxjt, the idea is to make an image of the partition when it's working well.. what I do is install Win, then all device drivers, and tweak some settings.. I might install some programs so I have a nice basic working machine.. when I'm satisified I have teh minimum requirements and the machine is stable I make an image of the OS partition.. After installing more programs and a bunch of changes, if the machine is still running well I'll make another image at that time.. that way if I run into a problem I have the more involved image to go back to instead of the basic.. but, the basic partition is there just in case..

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