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install easycd creator w/ XP works!


OSNN Senior Addict
here you go works for me EVERYTIME if you do it exactly right....

1. uninstall any easycd prog you have
2. install the aspi driver
3. install 5.0 DO NOT REBOOT
4. install the 5.02d update(download it first) DO NOT REBOOTDO NOT REBOOT
5. install the xp patch...then you can reboot...and enjoy

ps if you go to roxio for the update you have to register just give them some bs to make them happy mine is Fred Flinstone and you can reach me at webmaster@aol.com

PSS do not install take two won't work and it might f-up your install.do not reboot


OSNN Senior Addict
font color got jacked up basically do not reboot until the prog is fully installed, updated and xp patched then reboot.
hope this helps seen threads all over this forum re/ this issue and it hasn't been an issue for me at all...so hope this helps some people

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