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Inspiron 8200 screen issues! Please help.


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I have an older Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop (p4 1.7). It has been nothing but great to me until recently. About 3 months ago this would sometime happen:

-I close the lid, and when I open the lid the screen stays black.

It did this maybe once a week, maybe 1 every two weeks, not often enough for me to care.

Now this problem is happening more and more. My screensaver settings, nor power settings have any effect on the problem. The computer still runs fine in the background. The only ways to get the screen to come back without turning off the laptop is:

-remote desktop in from my desktop <----the screen powers back up when the logon screen loads.
-press the power button to go into standby, wait till its stands by, then hit button again to come out of standby. <-----again screen comes back on at the logon screen.

This to me is a software problem since I need not even touch the hardware to fix it. BUUUTTTT I just recently reformatted the harddrive and it still does the problem. The problem is happening more and more now and its starting to get annoying. Any ideas what it could be? or at least how to further troubleshoot it?

I was told it could be the inverter? But I want to be 100% sure so I don't waste $50 on one and still have the problem. Also keep in mind that I don't have one of those little switches that presses down when you push the monitor closed. It seems to be a optical little sensor..... Thanks for any help.
It could be hardware, but it sure sounds like a power management software issue.

Double check the power settings in the Bios, Windows and the screen saver.
If you don't find anything then uninstall and reinstall the display drivers.

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