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Inside the case



I have a Case with a side window and when u look inside it, it looks like a jungle. Cables everywhere. What is the best way to get the wires all neat looking? :eek:


Stripes and rounded cables? I got most of my cable striped up, and it's quite "good" looking. Don't have a window yet though.


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I would think it is better for the computer if the cables are all tied up. A mass of cabling all over the place must affect the airflow in the case.


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i tuck away my cables as much as possible. this includes neatly putting 90° folds in the ide cables and having them run under the mobo. power cables i try to keep tied up all together and/or find ways to route them behind the drives out of view, mostly.


Hmm never thought of trying to hide them behind the mobo, have to give that a try. What type of tape would be good, or does it matter? Yes, it does somewhat stop the airflow. That's another reason i need to clean inside up a bit.


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you don't need to tape anything under the mobo... or at least i've never needed to. they pretty much stay in place. if you're referring to taping cables to the case, then regular masking tape will do.


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I just use rounded cables when I can... some cases actually have little gaps for you to run wires along.. thats what I tend to use... it keeps the wires out of sight... especially the power connectors... :)

and the rest I just tie together or find other creative ways of hiding :)

by brand new HSF is my current pride and joy... it just looks SOOO kewl :D

have to have it clearly displayed... the only loose item I currently have in the case is the fan speed controller :)


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Originally posted by silky62678
How is the HSF working for u ?
its about 4-5 C cooler than my volcano 7... and it is absolutely quiet... :)

anything under I believe amd 2500+ or 2600+ rated cpu's you can run the thing @ silent mode and it is around 20-24dba... very quiet..

my hdd's are louder than my FHS now :)

fhs- flower heatsink... so called by zalman...
i have ibm case, cables everywhere, its under the desk,... i dont really care what it looks like.. :) i think my friend said it needed color or something like that one day, so i taped some construction paper on the side of it in the shape of a Athlon XP logo... he laughed, i laughed, then i went to sleep.


Cool, i disconnected everything and connected everything back. it looks MUCH better but i think it call still look just alittle neater, but it looks very nice now


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I used zip ties to get as much as possible nice and neat. The hardest part for me was the power cables as the wires were not uniform comming out of the PSU so it makes it hard to get it neat and clean. I plan on getting some wire loom to clean it up some more.


That's the hardest part for me too, the PSU plugs, and with 7 fans all the plugs get in the way. I have them all in one corner (right in front of the window:rolleyes: ) but it still looks good

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