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Inkjet/LaserJet printer differrence question


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posts moved to a new thread since it is a new topic. Some posts removed as well to make sense of the new thread :)
Inkjets are great for home use when printing lower volume.
LaserJets are better for higher volume users, typically small businesses and greater.

HP Laserjets are typically some of the easiest to maintain, repair, and have great drivers.

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I love my Brother laser printers. I own 2 and recommend them to my friends/family.

I have a Brother MFC-8460N in my room and a Brother HL-1435 (with a D-Link DP-101 parallel port print server) which I gave to my parents when I bought the MFC-8460N. Just wish I bought the one with duplexing but aw well.

I suggested that my aunt and uncle should get a laser since they had an inkjet that would dry up from not being used. I recommended a Brother HL-2170W which has built in ethernet and wireless. It's a decent printer.


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I been wanting a color laser for while now. Just can't come to the conclusion of buying one. Either way, though, they are better than inkjet in all regards ..

Admiral Michael

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It was funny when I bought my multi-function. It almost didn't fit in my car, it just barely made the front seat. Man that was a big box.

We got this Samsung in at work and it's HUGE! But it's a multifunction color laser :D


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I remember my Brother HL2030. Got it for £35 about 3-4years ago and I'm still on my first toner. Think I still have around 1000 pages worth on toner left. lol :p

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