Infraction Rep


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I dont see where this is at... I dont see for it either of you guys, whats the specifics on it?

I dont really like the idea either... all it takes is one angry person to do some harm.


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Perhaps its elite members and up or people with higher rep or posts or something.

I will look around and see if I can do it to anyone (I am not gonna actually take any rep away :p)


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wait now I'm confused, I can see it on you Brad, thats the first Elite member where I can?? Whats going on? EP?


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Can u see it on me?
I can see it on everyone...

Does anyone know why i can't make a new thread?
I've been trying and it keeps telling me my message is too short, it must be at least 1 character. My text is a paragraph!


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Well, I can see it on other members but it does not appear on mods or admin, so maybe the code is reversed?


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It isn't visible on mods and admin as it's not possible to rep them with it. Just as it's not possible to ban them.

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Not really a bug is just default setup. I don't have time to check it out at the moment, but will come back to it.

I suspect its like the IpB warning system?