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Hi , can anyone tell me how to stop Incredimail checking for updates and why it stops working if you dont install them. I only have a dial up and upgrading takes ages and browsing takes forever when this happens.

Perris Calderon

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incrediamail is the most intrusive piece of adware I have ever seen.

it blaots emails, and they take forever to download when yoiu send mail to a dialup as well.

thje worst part is that in the contract, youare agreeing that they own everything associated with the other words, any work you send out using the program, they claim they own.

I can't stand that program, and wait until you try to uninstall the thing...ha, can't do it without tons of perserverance.

if you can, get as far away from that program as you can


Yeah, I tried it before we started talkin bout it here.Its bad news.Like Dealer said,wait till you try to uninstall it.Make sure you run adaware and spybot afterwards.May need to do a search and delete it manually from the registry.It sticks like glue...only worse. :p

Perris Calderon

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what bothers me jan, is adaware and spybot do not mark this program as adaware.

I'm amazed...I believe there's a liability issue they are worried about.

anyway, In know you came up with some cool solutions to make your email more interesting.

why don't you start your own thread with that topic, should be very informative


They make an incredimail add-on for outlook if you still want to use it .. I tried it, all it really does is use outlook as the client insead of the spywared resource hungary peice of garbage default client it has .. Also it's free .. and you don't have the stupid banner, all it has is a tab for incredimail premium .. not intrusive what so ever ...


If you really wantta dress up your OE stationary and what -not, I reccommend you go to CloudEight (thundercloud).Its the best,its free, its unobtrusive,non-proprietory and (you wont regret it later).:p

Go here:

Enjoy! :)


Originally posted by coathanger007
The add-on. If it's the same as Incredimail itself then I wouldn't go near.
You download the prog for free - you get the extras for free .. with the retail version all you are paying for is the client ... There is no shareware with the addon - You can get it and go and download as many xtras to your hearts content ..
Incredimail will infest your Windows registry and leave traces of itself in almost every registry key known.

Even the most geekiest registry experts have been known to give up on trying to remove registry keys left over by the installation of this all show and no go program.


I finally did a reformat to get rid of it all.No biggy, I do it anyways every now an then to get rid of crap like that.And nowadays I jus make an image of my "fresh install" anyways. :p

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