Increased bandwidth by tweaking QoS...?



I've read a couple of tweak advises claiming that you can boost your internet connection by following this guide:

Now I wonder if this tweak is highly overestimated ?

My connection is 256/128 kbps and my home network runs @ 100mbps through a switch to my cablemodem. That means I will never use more than average 0.25% of my link speed (checked it with Windows Task Manager|Networking) so what the heck that some application theoretically reserves 20% of my network speed when there's 80% (=80mbps) left for other tasks !

Maybe it looks different for very slow home networks (10mbit) combined with VERY fast internet connections (>2mbps). Or if you connect your modem directly to an USB port ?

Please feel free to post if you have experienced an increase with this tweak...

Have a nice day :)


Folding Team
The QoS tweak is a myth. For the QoS to "kick in" you will need a full load on your connection and a QoS capable application to "steal" the bandwith. In 99.999...% of the cases you don't.


- just what I thought !

anyway I did change my bandwidth limit to 0% just in case !!!