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in Your opinion Whats the best cell phone company?

Perris Calderon

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ya,according to location and antenae in your area, mostly, go for price...BUT...sprint is going to have a 144k modem that'll connect your laptop to the phone, to the internet...I'm waiting for that before I buy a new phone, the old phones are not compatible with that tech

Electronic Punk

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To confuse the hell out of you I would say O2 over here in the UK...
Here is my package for $30/month...

Initially a free Nokia 5510...

with this package: (O2 Leisure)

500 free mins a month any network (+50 free a day)
500 free txt messages a month
500 WAP Minutes - internet phone ;)
30p (45c) on peak / 2p (3c) off peak

Do Americans:
- Still have to pay for incoming calls?
- Have WAP yet?
- Still have well ugly phones?

Dealer: My current phone can connect to the Net at 64k/sec - also has free dial numbers which is useful for AOL, when I abuse their trial.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
hey ep, didn't know you were across the pond...anyway,ya, we still use airtime for incoming, tho most companies offer first incoming minute free...here's my deal;

1500 minutes free anytime long distance and internet free for these minutes.

1000 free long distance and internet but only on weekends and nights

free email (perris@sprintpcs.com)

ugly phone, but when we go to the wide signal in June, color palm pilot phones

in June we should be able to hook a computer up to the internet at 144k

75 bucks

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