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In what scary game would you rather not be in?


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In what scary game would u not be in?

-Resident Evil?
-Silent Hill?
-Eternal Darkness?

I would be in RE with some of my friends if it was real life. But I would not rather be in Silent Hill sooooooo f*ckin scary in there, i would shoot myself if i was in silent hill lol:D


If i were to be in one of them, I would rather shoot myself rather than facing those horrible creature(Doom & RE). Never play silent hill and ED b4 but it looks scary to me. :D

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Resident evil - just plain scary, followed closely by doom, doom3 looks like its going to be the scariest game ever
"Two different worlds: One is a nightmarish hell, a rusted industrial wasteland which many would consider to be Hell itself; and the other - an abandoned town, possessing physically altered durability. Blocked-off streets. Skinless dogs and winged demons. "

Silent Hill is one place that I would not want to be. All alone; with a few measely weapons.

What surprises me though; is all the cars that are parked in the streets of Silent Hill; and the fact that Harry never tried to hot wire any of them :p I sure would, better to drive then run down those allyways.

I would rather been in Resident Evil; Code Veronica maybe; that does not seem to be that bad; at least you get firepower there.

I never played eternal darkness; so I don't know; and Doom; heh..no comment on Doom.


your imagining harry knows how to hot wire cars =P

How freakin' scary is Silent Hill... still gives me the creeps when i play it. That has to be one of the most atmospheric games i have played. The look of the damned place, the damned fog... That game was extremely well done.

The bit that made me jump was the locker when the cat jumps out. Then it just makes you jump even more when in Alternate Silent Hill nothing jumps out of the locker :/


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Somewhere in this month.

not getting it tho cause its way to scary for me. But if you gona get it play it in a dark room at night, and make sure u dont have any heart problems. :)
Great! Going to play this one with my Logitech's turned up; subwoofer right under me; in the dark. Get's dark early now days here; so darkness is nothing to worry about. I am so getting this game!

I remember I bought Silent Hill for PSX at a store for 3 bucks; because it had glue on it on the back.

Faithful in the CD; I brought it home; and did stuff to it. It's scratched up now; and I used game doctor on it many times; and I think by far that is one of my favorite games. I want to see if I can buy it new somewhere local; just in case :p
Silent hill has to be by far the most scariest game if ever played...its just wayyyy creeper than RE and Doom III would be a possible runner up tho =p


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Resident Evil 1 and 2 for pc and i think 3 not sure
Silent Hill 2 is coming for pc this month
doom is pc
eternal darknes for gamecube only

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