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IMPORTANT COOLING TWEAK for Via Chipset owners !!


OSNN Addict
There is a nice tweak for via chipset users ( AMD and Intel CPUs)
The good news is that it really works.
The better news is that it is fairly easy to do.
The BEST news is that it is FREE.

We are SERIOUSLY talking 10-15 c benefit.

Check it out and give it a try. I am fairly sure you will be pleased with the results.

It is called the "WPCREDIT Cooling Solution" and all of the instructions and download links to items necessary to enable this Tweak are found here:


This works Wonderfully in WinXP, by the way.

Remember to say nice things about me whenever you look lovingly at those nice LOW temps :D

My way to pay all of you back for the help you have given me these past few months.
Hmm now that I've seen hardware makers saying it is okay to use the HALT command I'll stop giving out my usual warnings about it. :)

in case anyone is wondering HALT has been around since people were using Rainfall for the original pentiums! what it does is instead of running a constant system idle process it will actually shut down the flow of electrons to parts of the cpu that are not currently processing any instructions..thus giving a cooldown benefit.

Although monitor your temps after you play for awhile, some older programs that used HALT did not use it efficiently and it would cause a higher temp after activity, but great low temps during idle.

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