Immense Problem with HP officejet 5610v all in one


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17 May 2007
hello everyone

i had this printer for a while and from time to time, the files that are used for scanning (ef-you-see-kay) themselves up and become scattered in unknown folders. this means that i cannot scan. usually, i just reinstall the printer cd

this time is different however bc halfway through the installation, i receive a message box. the blue top (the head of the box) reads:

E:\setup\hpzsui01.exe -l ENU -f C:\WINDOWS\hpoins07.dat -Validate No -w 459038

then the interioir message reads:

The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, my question is this: What the hell? this never happened before. Maybe OSNN can help me!

As a side note, i tried to uninstall and reinstall this software/drive bundle three times to no avail.

thank you everybody for taking the time to help me. if any solutions, post here, message me, or email me at
i found a solution. my printer lies in pile rubble after a 6 story drop onto the sidewalk below. it happened at 1:37 AM last night when no one walked the streets
Ha, ha. That is an awesome solution!
thats awesome, this title made it sound like the printer was killing people and devouring their souls. turns out immense means it just doesn't work, go figure... :)

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