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13 Apr 2007
i have an imate jam with tmobile and i was wondering if there were any tricks out there i can do to increase my service bars or something. because in my area im "supposed" to have full service but with this phone i have NONE. i only have service when im on the freeway and thats only for a second because it cuts in and out. any suggestions?? help me please
Are you using normal mobile cellular mode or GPRS?
i think im using both. but i guess im using gprs because my G logo comes up when i finally do get service.
Do you have two different locations you can test the phone, as then you would be able to see if part of the hardware is having problems or if its T-mobiles connection to the mobile itself.

We have a few mobile devices at work and t-mobile generally tends to work well with GPRS but they can cut out in supposedly "good" areas.
well no matter where i go i have poor poor service.. and i been everywhere.. so i think its the hardware

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