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I have a question, and if this is the wrong place to post, please *slap* me :)

I have created GPO Threads in the Windows Server area, and have posted screen shots for other topics. My question being, should I look into off-site hosting of my pics? I don't really want to pull any of them down because it might help someone in the future?

I know that probably answers my own question, but I read in the Signature guidelines not to link off of the osnn forum. So I figured I would ask first...


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Jewelzz said:
*slap* :p

Not really sure what you're asking :s

Well, I noticed that when you are uploading attachments there is a limit of how much your OSNN space can hold, and eventually if I don't delete any pictures that space will fill. If I am posting pictures relative to my post, and since the archives are searchable, I don't want to delete my pictures. So, I was basically asking if it was either A-possible to have my space upgraded, or B-if it's ok to link to pictures outside of OSNN.

In the announcements, http://forum.osnn.net/showthread.php?t=34

It says not to link your sig or avatar off of OSNN, ha, but I just re-read it and it says I can use other hosting companies. Nevermind, I guess a slap is in order :)

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