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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zoey, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. zoey

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    When using Frontpage 2002(XP), I click the "insert picture from" button, browse my computer
    for the image, click it and it's where it's suppose to be on the page. I save it, press the
    preview button and all is fine. I upload and I have a red X. What am I doing wong besides using Frontpage.:)
  2. Have you saved the image in the image folder of your web? Check that folder to see if your image is there. Then publish your web again. (Make sure that you have checked the 'Publish changed pages only' box.)
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    <IMG SRC="Ches and Zoe.2.jpg" <-- closing tag is missing
    Should be like this: <IMG SRC="Ches and Zoe.2.jpg">
    Or even better: <IMG SRC="Ches_and_Zoe_2.jpg">

    <BODY Background="" bgcolor="blue"> <-- better like this

    Instead of this:
    <BODY Background="">
    <body bgcolor="blue">

    <BODY> <-- remove this one.
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    <!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
    <!-- The JavaScript Source!! -->
    <!-- Original: David Trowbridge ( -->
    <!-- Web Site: -->
    <!-- Begin
    status bar

    Hope this helps!
    See attachment for fixed? version.
  4. zoey

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    Thanks, this is my 1st time, thanks for all the help.