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I'm looking for a walk around

so I can use my Printer Konico Minolta 1350W on a Print Server DLink 301U. The KM website says that USB Print Server won't work. I would think that somewhere out in the Internet that someone has come up with a set of drivers for the USB or a walk around.
Drop the link to the KM site where it said it would not work. I want to see what they say.

The problem is that the KM drivers are not set up to talk through the ethernet. But that should not be an issue. The print server should have software to install on your PCs that will intercept the KM USB printer messages, send them out the ethernet to the print server which will then translate them back to USB. The printer should not know the difference. Unless KM wrote their printer software so it could not be intercepted. They would do that so you have to buy their $50 ethernet adapter.

I found it. All they are saying there is that they do not have a USB print server. The Dlink may work. Have you tried it? Don't forget to install the Dlink software and set up the Server over the ethernet. You will probably have to change the default printer setup in windows also.

PS Did you mean "Work Around" in the post title?
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I plug the KM into the print server and I get printer off line. I have an old Epson C62 and that works fine without any software installed from D-Link even though the software is pretty much dated.

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