I'm having a MAJOR problem...


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I'm on my mom's computer now but mine won't even start! I'm running Windows 2000 professional. When I boot up my computer a blue screen comes up saying

"***STOP(00000000078X0000000) INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

If this is your first time seeing this STOP screen restart your computer. If it happens again run a virus checker or run a scan disk for drive F"

but I can't even get into my windows through safe mode.

can anyone help me with this problem?
It could be a corrupt boot volume header. Do you have another computer that you can install the drive in? I'd suggest trying to run chkdsk, ewido and avg on it...I've had success with that several times...


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ok this is what you do

If you have a windows 2000 cd boot to it and go to recovery consol. then run the comand mount boot ( i think) if its not that type help and its the one that is boot something might be fix boot. This fixes that error a lot of times. It basically re writes the boot header


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INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE is almost invariably caused because Windows 2000 does not have an appropriate driver available for the hard disc controller in your machine. It performs the initial copy operation in DOS mode, but then it restarts and attempts to start up in full-on Win2K mode, and without a driver it cannot find the boot disc--hence the error.

The solution is to find out what the hard disc controller in your PC actually is, download a driver for it, put it on a floppy, and then press F6 near the beginning of Win2K setup (when it asks you if you want to specify any additional hard disc controllers) and install the driver.

Alternatively, you can skip the F6 part and then just re-install Windows OVER your existing installation, which will do a repair on it rather than formatting and starting from scratch.


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its amazing how many different fixes there are for one problem (thats sarcasm). but i think KC is probably correct in this case, either way by reinstalling over the last install, it should correct any software issues, thus allowing you to see whether it is hardware (if this doesn't rectify the problem), or software (if it does).

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