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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fingers, Aug 31, 2002.

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    Hello again!

    If you have not been following my last post. I was putting NTFS on my 80 gig hd.

    Well what I did was put everything I needed on the one drive. I put the 80gig as the master and the 20 gig with everything I had as the slave.

    Well I installed xp. I then looking at the other drive. TOok everything I needed off that drive.

    WEll the drive was active I put on so it made the drive letters for the old drive as c: and d:
    Then it made this drive I just put in (80) as G:

    So i deleted the c and d drive. Well just deleted the partions. So i thought that way i could make this drive active...I did..and make it c: Nope..stays there.

    Well while looking at the tree in window explorer.. I now longer get nice looking icons to click on. Just the words and + to know there are more folders. I still see the nice looking icons over in the right though when I click on them. Is this NTFS default or did something really get FUGGED up!!!

    I sure hope some of you are around..i don't want to this to take all night!!!!!


    Please help...and thank you very much for your time.

    Slap this man - me that is.
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    That is what I did. I booted with the rom. created a ntfs partion. THen formatted it. All with the xp cd. I had the other drive in there so i could transfer the other stuff.

    SHouldn't of been a problem though....I thought.

    Good to see you again catch..i'll leave you alone after this....

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    I didn't know I had to delete something that was not there on the 80 gig...Was there a default FS?

    80 was brand new. SO i created.

    But I see your other point. I should just do all the installing with the one drive in and add it in later...Hmmmmmm

    Oh well..I guess you learn something new everyday..THis sure isn't the first time I built a computer..i have no clue why I am sucky so bad.
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    Okay one more thing bud. i just installed the OS with just the 80 gig drive. Now if I plug in the other drive. Should I be able to transfer files without screwing up the drive letters?

    I just deleted the partion..created another one and formated and now just gone done installing.

    Wow..i just don't know if I am burned out or what...

    I'm about to jump off the roof. I just don't know anymore.

    Before using FAT32 I have done the same thing before...Is NTFS picker?

    I Just don't know...
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    Yea I threw it in. It ended up being at the end of the list behind the cdrom and burner. OH problem.

    At least it is working normal now..

    THanks for your help catch23!
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    OMG you are soo much smart!

    Thank you very much.

    I kept getting errors Changing drive letters could create errors. Well I guess we'll see. I pretty much thought it was the standard if you change anything we don't like it error.

    Thanks again bud for your knowledge..Sure make my life easier!