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I'll never sleep again

Sazar said:
kinda wonder what spidey kebab tastes like :p

Pretty good if you keep 'em basted enough while you grill (all the camel juices drip from the abdomen - the good spidey chef redistributes those drippings to the areas that tend to come out dry)



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Jestermask said:

I don't care if they're real or not, those things are gonna haunt me for the rest my days! HOLY SH*T!!!!

Exactly what I was thinking, but you haven't heard it all yet. From the second link that explains about these 8-legged freaks, they can move at speeds upto 10MPH. Humans can walk at around 2MPH and run at around 8-10MPH (as far as I can recall). Damn they're fast. :eek:

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Lee said:
they look more like Crabs. I don't mind Spiders, it's Mice n Rats that scare the s()t outta me.
I got a pet rat :p
I don't mind little biddy spiders but if there bigger than 5p then I run like hell :eek:

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