If you where unexpectedly given $20k, what would you do?

If you got $20k unexpectedly, what would you do?

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7 Oct 2004
So what would you do, spend it, save it or some else, if so what?
At the moment... stuff it under the floorboard... stock market is too unstable... lol :p
i'd take all my friends on a trip to some cool spot :D
epk sounds generous, where to? and ming do you even have floorboards, what if you had none, where then?
hehe.. mm.. prolly somewhere no one wants to go, like the artic :]

walri own!
i'd love to go there i'm in.... :)
lancer, are you offering?
Already have a house, save it. in a 10 month CD.
ok.. as soon as i unexpectedly get $20k, we'll go ;D

haha i just looked at CD's what a joke 4% of $20,000 is... is... ok someone, anyone?

lancer, are you offering?

that would be my boss he just took us on a $200k trip to singapore and thailand, very nice of him i'd say....

... if i ever have that spare cash i'll take osnn on a round the beach trip to brighton and hove.... :)


If I had 20K I would put a down payment on a beach lot in Belize on (Amber Gris
Kaye) It was where I took my wife on our honeymoon and it is absolutely GEORGEOUS!!

Mike A!
Money Market Funds, & CD's
Picked "spend it", but I would spend it on reducing my home loan principal.
I have about £5k debt to clear, so $20k would clear that and leave me with around £5k to spend on pc and hifi upgrades :)
12 month CD. Maybe even the stock market. Now that it is at a new low, it eventually has to go back up :p
buy a razor, some shampoo, and some shower gel - then tell ep to and have a wash and a shave!!!!!

invest the rest
20 grand would make me debt free ...
£20,000 - would make me look slim and attractive to money grabbing woman :p

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