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hi i want a dvd/vhs combo player that can copy dvd to vhs, which means MACROVISION DISABLED! yea! i have a question too, does the dvd player or the dvd disc have the protection? and if the dvd disc does, can a macrovision disabled dvd player overwrite it or just ignore it and copy it to vhs? help me b/c im confused. and do blockbusters dvds have protectioN?

sorry about all the questions just plz try to answer some


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Well I can answer part of your questions. As far as I know all DVD's have some kind of protection which includes the ones from a rental store like Blockbuster. As for the rest I don't have any idea's.


I'm sorry Hal...
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The discs have macrovision, but also some players do to!. Players that disable macrovision should overwrite the discs protection
thanks tthats exactly what the answer i was looking for!!! you rock!!!! i found that most dvd/vhs combo players have it disabled and hard to hack so im not going to get a combo! just buy each thing seperately


I'm sorry Hal...
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be sure to check online for a review or specs of the machine you are thinking of getting, just to make sure

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