If you could design the next.....



Grand Theft Auto Game what interesting ideas can you come up with....

I think an airport flying from city to city would make the game have some killer reply value....

any other ideas ?:D


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how about.. erm.. more cities to look around? more cars to drive around.. more radio stations.. oh and i like the idea of the airport to fly from City to City.. they should have like a 20GB DVD CD for PS2/PC, so that more Cities and detail/textures can be saved on it

An Airship would be funny too.. you know. you could steal it from a football game and drive it around the sky :D

how about Noz in some racing cars for street races :D

Also, i would like to see more realistic designed cars.. like the LEXUS IS 300 :D.. and the Colt Mirrage Turbo :D, and other normal UK/USA Cars.

Actually.. how about moving it back over to the UK.. another UK theme.. in first person of course like GTA London but set in the modern times

Another idea ive come up with.. how about being able to break into normal peoples houses and be able to go up and down the stairs into all the rooms etc etc.

Another idea is a drive in movie.. that would be funny :D.. you could blow up the screen and all the people watching could chase after you for disturbing there movie :D

Alex :cool:


set it in the 60's austim powers style or even in the future along the lines of back to the future 2 :D

deffo some NOS powered street races though that would be great :D

and make expansion packs and mods easier to do


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kidnap girls and then $@#%^%$ muahahha!
I want to see a mission where I am supposed to kill the president but then something occurs so I will have to save his a$$ instead and I become the super hero in the press!
also I want to squeeze balls and see the pain on the faces!muhahahahhahahahahahah


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the 60's have already been done in my opinion with GTA London.. time for a future edition like Back to the future cars :D.. that would be cool!

As for the Street races, there should be special cars for that like the Fast and the Furious cars :D.. that would be awsome :)

Alex :cool:
Originally posted by Octopus
kidnap girls and then $@#%^%$ muahahha!
already been done in GTA3 - what do u think the ho's are for?
nick a decent sports car, and pull over by them, most of the time they'll get in - drive to a private place and i think thats what u were after? lol - it even puts your health up to a maximum of 125!

it needs more realistic cars and they should definitely make levels set in the UK like in main cities - london, birmingham, manchester and liverpool etc - that'd be cool - and the flying by plane to each level is good.


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yea.. ive managed to do it on GTA 3 also.. took them to my hide out and the car just kept on bouncin ;)

As Jonifen explained about the main UK cities.. each city could have their own characteristics.. for example.. Liverpool has a reputation of nicking stuff so when you drive around Liverpool, you can get your car robbed by someone else. It would be good if each city had there proper accent too.. Liverpudlian, Birmingham, manchester, ****ney etc. That would be funny :)


really, what they can do in the next GTA is to build a more solid game engine... Vice City is a good improviment over GTA3...

What I would really like to see is SWIMMING!!! I can't believe a guy can stunt-bike and pilot helicopters and after 3 years can even tred water... Bloody hell, whats the problem with making the git swim??

In GTA 3 all I could think of is... Jump out of the bloody car, and, SWIM you *******!... Vice city solved the jumping-out-of-car dilemma, so next game the git has got to swim


kidnap girls and then $@#%^%$ muahahha!
You sick wierdo.. you wanna rape girls... thats going to far... mindless killing an dancers in clubs is okay... but raping girls is going a bit (not really a bit I suppose) too far...


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he should be able to swim ffs, nothin more irritatin than doin a sweet jump then landin in the water and dyin cause hes an innept swimmer
i agree :p.. it does get annoying when you fall into the water. Although even though i know there is nothing i can do when i fall in.. i still press all the buttons i can to try and make him get out :p hehe


I drove a Coach into the Water, and it ended up Standing on top of it while it SLOWLY sank.

all the while Police car after Police car Came crashing into the Water after me, Absolutely hilarious.

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