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IE6 and Printing


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Have any Web App Developers here noticed that if your app tries to print from IE6 on a fully patched XP system, it will always bring up the print dialogue box?

We have a .Net Point of Sale program under development that did not do this until we patched the OS's. Ideally, we dont want the end user to have to choose a printer, we just want it to be sent directly to the default printer. If it matters, they are Fujitsu Tablet PC's running XP Tablet edition.

One of the devolpers called MS and they gave him a reg key to edit, but it did nothing.

Anyone ever come across this/have a workaround?

Edit: I should have added that these are active server pages stored on the local machine, and referencing an SQL database on a Windows Server 2003 machine on the same lan.
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Yes, each machine has a default printer. It is actually a self-contained system. It consists of 2 Tablet PC's, a Server, a wireless access point, a laser printer connected to a wireless print server and a switch to connect it to the company Lan for dev work. They are on their own 10. address scheme and in their own unique domain. The tablets have the laser printer selected as their default. What's really wierd about this is, if you simply open a web page and click the print icon in IE, it just prints, no prompt. It seems that the prompt only appears from the active server pages of the Web app.

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