IE doesnt go where its told

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by adamg, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. adamg

    adamg Guest

    Windows 2000:
    Everytime i type, it goes to (im Australian). now this is not a problem until i want to go to does exist but its not as up2date as the msn one. is there any way to stop ie from automatically changing the address?
  2. sboulema

    sboulema Moderator

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    check your regional settings maybe set your region to america are check if you have any spyware...
  3. adamg

    adamg Guest

    I changed the languages option in IE options and got rid of EN - Australia there. It worked, but later i found out Windows Update wouldnt work. It turns out the Windows Update needs a language to work. But its all figured out...thanks
  4. Fu Xuen

    Fu Xuen Guest

    Have you tried to clean up your cookies ?
  5. mbunny

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    Its not a cookies issue.

    It was a region thing.... read the thread.. he already solved his problem.