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IE and Favorites



one thing that i have always had a problem with, that i am hoping someone can help me with, is the way favorites work within internet explorer.

The way i have my IE setup is i save all my bookmarks under links into a catagory folder (news, email, school, etc) I then have a tool bar for links under the address bar. This makes it simply to just click on a folder and then click the page i want from the drop-down menu.

The problem that i am having is that when i have two IE windows open I will click on one of my links in one and instead of loading to the page i just clicked in the window i was currently using, the second window follows the link and the current window i am using stays on the page. So in other words say i have cnn.com open in one window and a google search result in the other. I would go with to the google window (which i am done with) and select a link from my toolbar. Instead of loading up in the google page that i am using (which i am done with my search results and want the favorite i just clicked to load in this window) it loads up in the cnn.com one which i am still looking at.

Is there anyway around this so that it loads in the current window only. This is very annoying.


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Well there has to be a fix for it because that's the first I've heard of this one. I'm sure someone will get it going properly. :)

btw welcome. :D

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
OK. Only thing I can come up with at this point is to go to IE/Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. See if these are ticked. Make a note so you can put them back if necessary.
1/ Enable page transitions
2/ Enable third party browser extentions
3/ Reuse windows for launching shortcuts

Don't ask me what they do. That is how mine is set up.


I made sure those were all checked and it seems to be happening less, but still is occuring. Thanks though..


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