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Ideas for birthday present...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
.... what might be a suitable gift for me to get for a good friend who is somewhat maybe gthe geek with everything (except we all know thbere is always something more you can have/want/enjoy).

To give some idea of range, he was kind enought to get me a DVD+/- R/W (4x) for my last birthday. In past I have given him USB portable hub, which was kinda cute and useful to carry around (he's often helping people fix stuff and used to be a BBC engineer before we ws a full time home parent). Also I'n toying with idea of something cute in way of T-shorts or stuff....

Needs to be online purchase (his birthday was yesterday, so I am late already :eek: ) Oh, and he is far more of the Linux persuasion than windoze but not an apple kinda guy .... and he was 47....

Looking forward to seeing the ideas you guys and gals come up with.... surprise me.... ;) :) :cool:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
thanks for those links gonaads, gave me something to browse through - shoulda mentioned maybe that whatever I eventually decide will need to be available or shipped to UK (when I decide I will post here so thread can close or fade away)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
it's ordered for Monday...

only eight days late to him...

the Linux gear was all too nerdish and cliquey at the end of the day...

if you knew this guy the lap dancing idea is way off track!

Unleashed returned to thread to sanity and wins the rep points....

here is what I chose

Yeah I know it is a little on the cheap side maybe, but I think it's a neat idea and he is bound to have memory card/sticks of some flavour and did not want me to really get him anything so spending too much would be embarassing.

Anyway - anbother thread happily wound up to a successful conclusion

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