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ide cables


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What is the maximum length of a ide cable as i would like to put the cd drives on the desk but the case under in the cuboard? Anyone know??


adek...I believe the maximum length to meet the ATA/IDE standards is 18" although there are plenty at 24" and even 36".

I actually had a 24" when I set up my system and it wouldn't recognize my HDD, luckily I knew that it might be a problem before I used it. I know a few people that haven't had probs. at all using the longer ones, so I guess it's if your lucky or not;)

There is a chance of minimal data loss when using longer than 18" but I don't think it would be that big a deal with a CD-RW.


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seems to me that if you insulate the cable u would have no problem, once i had this idea myself, but i was running it from one room to aother trough a wall (because my comp was soooo nosie) this didnt work that well however because of the power cords in the wall that ran very near.

Give it a try with a 36", burn a few cds if u dont get too many coasters u should be just fine
i use ultra ata133 cables for everything (80 wire) try the ones of those that are 80 wire and round/insulated.

the other cheat using them is you never have to set jumpers to master/slave, just 'cable select' it will do rest by where you plug it in.


or perhaps u can modify the desk to have holes in the front for the drives ;)

would put a whole new meaning to the term "computer desk" :d


I like that vertical slot idea ..it would look great seeing the cd rise from or being retracted into the desk. OH BABY!! Watch where you put your coffee mug tho'!!!
And what if you spill the coffee? *horror*
Maybe a small ridge around the slot would take care of both problems...

Sort of like this:

           _  / _
Desk _____/ \  / \____
already worked with ideas like that. want me to build one? :D

a kiosk of some type.....
already have upright games, car computers or info kiosks on paper hardware is the easy part usually........:cool:

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