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ID3 tag software


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I used some time ago a program that changes ID3 tags to my music collection and it had an option to conect to a database and to change the id3 according to that, somehow almost all my collection has wrong id3 info now.

I want to start to fix it, so i am wondering if you know a good id3 tag editor program that has also the net option but that it is good and that you used it.



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i use tag studio ... this has an option to update the tag based on the file structure .... if that does not suit ... ultra tagger connects to freedb to get its data.

finaly the tags on mp3 files can get all stuffed up if media player is allowed to download information automatically and *fix* your files .... check that isnt happening (its in the media player options)

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Hi Mooz, does this software rename files based upon ID3 tags?

and you shouldnt ask for Rep, it is frowned upon here :)

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