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ID Games now on Steam


F@H - Is it in you?
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Thought I posted this yesterday but I must have forgotten.

ID games are now available on Steam for purchase and download. A lot of packages and the prices are very reasonable for all the games you get :D


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Some nice stuff on there - they even bundle the old MS-DOS games with DOS-box so that they run correctly.

I've bought the hexen pack, and I'm slightly disappointed that they weren't able to provide the hexen 2 expansion as well to the list but the Hexen pack is good.

Note that you can combine this with something like the doomsday launcher to get jhexen and jheretic if you copy the wad file to the right place (advantages of this = use of 3D engine and the opportunity to get better music) - I think the same may also be true with the Doom pack.


F@H - Is it in you?
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The Hexen exapnsions were not done by ID, which is why they are not there.

Same with Quake 4.


But, it's pretty BA so far :D

Playing Doom 3 : ROE at 1920x1200 resolution, 4xAA and high-quality, it's just pure goodness :D

As with D3, the game itself sucks, but at least it looks relatively pretty.

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Could do with a bit of the Enemy Territory original on there, I wonder if this is a test to see if quake wars can go on there, checking out beta 2 at the moment - pretty cool.

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