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ICT Circuit Rider


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Today I made it through to a final interview for a circuit rider vacancy here in London - I'm not going to explain much more about that since the link gives all the gen. But it is the kind of thing I have been spending a bit of my time doing for free since my last paid work six months ago.

Anyway - there's just me and another for them to chose between now, and on Friday they'll be giving a few scenarios and problems which I have about 20 minutes to consider and prepare a presentation of my solutions for...

I just thought I would make a post here on the off chance that anyone here or passing by has any experience of the circuit rider role or of a similar experience for a deciding interview - be great to hear.

I'm aware there are specialist mailing lists, sites, and blogs (there is even a professional blogging circuit rider) but I thought I'd start here - before I change my nick to circuitriderguy ;) naw that ain't happening :lick:


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W00t! Nice to hear, MFG. Although, Circuit Rider sounds like something out of a William Gibson book, If you start your own training program for Street Samurai, count me in :D

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