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I'm currently running a small RASPPPOE ICS network, my problem is whenever i'm playing a game online i've noticed that i get lag spikes of 506MS from a regular 30MS ping whenever one of my client machines request a webpage. I would like to know is there a way to Reserve a given amount of Bandwidth for the client machines so that i don't experience such large lag spikes?


I am also having ICS troubles, but of a different nature... I have it set up with my XP rig and my housemate's 98 box, and the 98 box is connected (because it can share files and see each other on the network,) but it looks like some sort of weird port problem is going down.

I mean, her computer connects to AIM just fine (aim uses its own port... i forget what it is) but she can't look up anything on the web. It worked for a while... but then it slowed down... to the point where it would connect to a page but then freeze at like 4% and stuff, and now it cannot connect to the web at all.

Anyone know a quick way to fix this port problem?
Digital_Trinity: No, not in ICS.

Jeeves: Do you have DSL? Then it could be an MTU-problem. Try lowering the MTU value.


Yes, it is DSL that i am trying to network, however I figured out how to lower the MTU through regedit... and I took it from 1500 to 1400.. but still no go on the housemate's machine.

On restart, it loads about 4 or 5 pages, but then gets suck on any other page on shit like 5% of 1235 done... crap like that.
Hmm. Maybe a duplex problem then? Try setting the cards to half duplex. Shouldn't be this much problem if it is but that's all I can think of at this hour.


Putting the network card on half duplex almost killed my DSL. All of a sudden it would connect, but I would not get any data in. It was weird.

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