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ICS not working



Hey all,

I have 1 laptop and 1 desktop running WINxp and 1 laptop running WIN95.

I have 2 nics in the desktop and have enabled ICS on the dsl modem. 1 nic for the dsl modem and the other nic connected to the hub

The two laptops are connected to a hub.

I can ping and transfer files back and forth between all systems with no problem.

The problem arises when I try to connect to the internet from either of the laptops.

I keep getting the message "page cannot be displayed"
when I browse from the laptop with WINXP on it. I tried from the WIN95 laptop and same results.

As I am fairly new to this is there something I am missing?

Any help would be appreciated.

Are the laptops set to automatic IP? They should be.

This could also be a MTU problem if you are using PPPoE on the DSL connection.


The IP's addresses are as follows.

1st nic one connected to internet is set to dhcp
2nd nic is set to

1st Laptop
nic set to

2nd Laptop
nic set to
The IP of the second nic on the desktop is NOT if you are running ICS. ICS sets the IP to and you can't change it. Now set the laptops to automatic IP and it should work.

If you don't want (or can't have) automatic IP, at least set the Default Gateway and Primary DNS to Also move the IP:s to 192.168.0.xxx.

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