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ICQ 2003a Ad remover


I may actually be insane.
Chris, no
lieb39, no
If anything it's a patch. it's only to to remove adverts, just as we do with MSN and Kazaa lite etc. Damn you people need to stop being all edgy/paranoid.

tengcm, I would think there is, there always has been for previous versions of ICQ, but I personally haven't used the official client in a long time due to it's bloatedness and adverts.
I now use Miranda IM from http://www.miranda-im.org/ as it's much smaller, ad-free and open sourced :)


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speedy_b sorry, we didn't; know... just want to follow the forums guidelines so we don't get in any trouble..

sorry about that...



Apple lover, PC User
lol, its gonna take some getting used to for me. you guys are all like 'morning this' 'morning that', while its night time for me, here in australia lol


-- In order to remove adds you have to do the following:

First go to C:\Program Files\ICQ

If you did'nt fully instal yet: Meaning that you got to where you register and quit.

1. Delete the atebrowser folder and create a read only text file called atebrowser
do not give it an extension name, so it will just be called atebrowser, to do this go to
control and open up folder options, click view and then uncheck the "hide extensions for
known file types" and then rename it atebrowser without any extension name.

2. Delete icqhttp.dll

3. open ICQ and register your number and so forth with it..

-- If you do already have it installed, Follow the steps stated above, but delete the 2003a
folder also .. When you do it when it's already installed you will have to enter your info
again ..


I may actually be insane.
Nice one lechtard, I'd forgot about that method, I think that was the last method that I used before giving up on ICQ. :)

*boils up a pot of coffee*


I may actually be insane.
keep your tin foil hat on.
no-one ever complains when removing ads from msn, or getting new kazaa lite builds etc, so what does it matter for icq? it's exactly the same thing.


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all i'm saying is why remove ads and tamper with the program when there are alternative programs available that do the same thing and do not have ads.
Chris: that is true, but...

some people prefer the original programs, but the adverts are just a nuisance. I've had this conversation on quite a few threads regarding MSN adverts especially and the public opinion is the same - advert killers are above board. I suppose that if you're never likely to use the adverts, theres no point in having them really.


I don't mind the adds as long as they are'nt thrown in your face like they are in icq. Trying to have a chat with 15 people at the same time and looking at all those boxes in the chat window drives me crazy ...

as with msn and aim I don't mind because they are only on the contact list. less of an anoyance .. also I don't like trillian or miranda, mainly because they lack what the main progs can do ..

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