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icons on my active desktop.... and mebbe one or two other probs


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hmm. They look nice in the folder (and yes, I did just "borrow" them from the Shell32.dll etc :p) but bad in the html section. Any advice on how to fix this? Preferably not involving editing the icon files ;) This smacks of clashing colour depths to me but I dunno how to fix it.

Also, how to remove the coloured borders that are surrounding the icons?

Thirdly, You can see that I've got a table with black borders and a background picture (and me name :p). Any idea how to remove the cell borders from individual cells? I'm aiming to have a border around the table and the bottom right cell ONLY.

Oh, and I can't for the life of me remember how to change the colour of link text.... yeah, I'm ashamed of that one :(

I'm aware that there are workarounds for some of these problems, but I'd rather fix them than brush them under the rug :)


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Originally posted by Electronic Punk
<TD BORDER="0" ...etc. ;)
That was the first thing I tried - it wasn't having any of it :p Mebbe if I remove any reference to borders from the table tag...

Any clues on how to make the icons (next to the links) look like winXP icons rather than win95? I'm trying to avoid editing the icon files if possible.


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actually, the correct string is:

<a href="url"><img src="image" border="0"></a>

That'll remove the nasty blue link borders. As for the win95 look, are you referencing the shell icons or did you convert them to GIF format for active desktop use? You might have better luck creating GIFs from ICOs.

Nice desktop by the way.

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If you are using CSS , you can also define it over there.
if you are not , or don't know what CSS is, forget what i just said.


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Originally posted by Lighter
You might have better luck creating GIFs from ICOs.

Nice desktop by the way.
It's starting to look that way. For some reason, It displays those nice icon files as their old 256-colour versions... am I missing something?

And thanks, someone likes it after only about one hour's work :D

Originally posted by Benny
If you are using CSS , you can also define it over there.
I'm not yet, but if there's a way to fix the win95-ness of the icons there, then I'd prefer that to converting the icons to gifs.


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Yea, that happens when using Active Destop for some reason..I have not seen a way around this yet...I think you will be better off covnerting the icons to gif format..

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