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IBM machine bustin my...........


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

My Brother in law showed up two days ago with a new HD (10gig) and a fresh, still in the wrapper Windows XPHome, and asked me to install this into his IBM PIII 733 Netvista tower (I think this is the worlds smallest ATX tower, looks like that anyway). I drop the HD into the IDE1 master, The IDE2 Master is occupied by a dvdrom, thats it. This thing will not boot up from the XP CD at all. The BIOS is an absolute joke, I cannot select a first boot device in it. I tried a win98 boot disk with cdrom support. I tried uninstalling the A: drive to see if the tower is actually somewhat smart enough to look for the next boot device, no luck. Is there someway I can get Windows XP into this machine?



Overclocked Like A Mother
Yeah they are being recognized. Could there be another bios type screen that I do not know about that might hold the first boot device options. I tried all the F-keys and the delete key as well on bootup.


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