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IBM Deskstars: constant HD activity


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since i put in the new HD, reinstall etc (old hd is on a drive caddy-removable) ive noticed these 'click' 'click' motions.. i could be just typing this and it would happen. never happened in the old drive

the new one as far as i know.. clicking in the sense as if its trying to 'do something' its the normal HD noise

new HD: 60gb master ide 1
old HD: 40gb master IDE2
Both IBM Deskstars

indexing serivce is off, most serivces are off


i think i remember reading somewhere that this is a problem with the ibm drives (well not really a problem, but with a power saving feature that they use), but i think that they put out an application to fix this. Ill get back to you with a link later if i can find it


apparently the fix available is for the travelstar (mobile) hard drive area. The fix is a program called power booster and is availablehere but i guess it is no good to you. Take a look here and maybe try using the IBM feature tool to maybe mess around with the acoustic management (i think you can set it to a quieter level at the expense of minmal performance loss). Try searching for a firmware update for the drives. I didnt find any on ibm's site, but try seraching the web. If its any consolation, the hitachi drive in my laptop makes clicking noises every 10 seconds or so (did it in ME too; its a problem with the drive).

Sorry i couldnt help more


OSNN Senior Addict
cheers amar

ive emailed IBM for a replacement. they seem to have be the same symtoms as the GXP75. Hopefully they will send me one and pick up this one because its not even a month old yet.

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