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I want to talk to someone about......?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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xsivforce said:
I am getting ready to buy a life. What kind should I get?
Most people go for Happy or Long, Pornstars Life is a popular one as well.
But I don't think people who have children are allowed to have one :p
Life.......now where did i hear that word before? Oh, yeah i was beating up this 5 year old, he said something about sparing his that word....whatever it means.

Anyone know a good price on it?Can you get it at ebay?
"It's that word, but not as we know it Jim!"
I threw away my life when I bought this PC, wasn't worth saving was it? I had compatability issues - they just wouldn't run at the same damn time.
wonder if anyone would like to talk sub... i'd sure like to do so...

im not serious btw, that was from subway commercial on tv dont know if any one saw it


In the beginning......
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Define life?
Compact Oxford English Dictionary said:

noun ([size=-1]pl.[/size] lives) 1 the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth and functional activity. 2 the existence of an individual human being or animal. 3 a particular type or aspect of people’s existence: school life. 4 living things and their activity. 5 a biography. 6 vitality, vigour, or energy. 7 [size=-1]informal[/size] a sentence of imprisonment for life. 8 (in various games) each of a specified number of chances each player has before being put out. 9 before a [size=-1]noun[/size] (in art) based on a living rather than an imagined form: a life drawing.
Elektro Slime said:
damn i short of money, anyone know a good generic life?
Don't get a generic, they are such ripoffs. They never stand up to specs and will just cause you trouble. Better save up and get a good one while you're at it. ;)


Prodigal Son
NetRyder said:
Don't waste your money. Here you go :D

Damn, now I gotta figure out whick one I want. So far I am torn between a Millionaire Playboy and a Mop Janitor at a XXX theatre. Decisions, decisions....

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