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I want ot design websites



I have Dreamweaver MX, I cannot get hold of Frontpage as i do not have any money to spare but i wont to learn how to write JAVA & Html is there any sites out there that will teach/show me the basics?? As ive had a fool around with DreamMX copied a few lines of code from other sites and have half an idea on how the program works but i do not know any of the command codes. All help in this matter will be greatfully recived.
Thanx in advance
http://www.w3schools.com/ has some good tutorials, I have heard (I haven't used them). Furthermore you can take a look at other websites, you see something you like, copy the source and edit it to your own needs. This is basically how other web-programmers work (like me :)).


Ive just spent 2 hours on that site and its tought me loads right from the beggining. That site is Genius!!!!!! Thank you very much SPeedY_B & thanx Glaanieboy for coming a close 2nd. ^_^


I may actually be insane.
There are plenty, most will charge for their work, but try typing "Web page templates free" into google, there should be plenty of results :)
Notepad is A+, except for when you get those naughty errors on line x, then you will want Metapad for it's glorious line counting. But yeah, I also highly recommend against Dreamweaver or similar programs.
I use Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004, but I can do the work in notepad if I really want too. I just prefer Dreamweaver because it can be a lot faster with things and I'm seeing it visually as I go along instead of having to save as "index.html" blah blah blah, plus sometimes I'll make sites with php and I really don't feel like learning ALL of php to write pages in notepad.

Sometimes I'll delve into Frontpage to fix something Dreamweaver is screwing up. But it's not that often. Also, I picked up Xara Webstyle 3.1 to see what that's like as far as making menus and whatnot, and I've found it's pretty nice.

Aside from that, usuals like Image Ready, Photoshop 7.0, Paint Shop Pro 8.01, Fireworks, and Flash are part of my design tools.

I may use programs to create websites, but that's what they are there for because I forget things very easily. :)

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