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I.S.O.: Install File Tracker (?)

Im looking for (In Search of) a program that tracks the files installed on a computer when you click the install button. Something that is fairly organized, lets you put in names, then lets you click install and those files will be tracked under the name you select.

anybody know of one? If they dont exist, it would be smart of one of you l33t mofos to make one, and make some profit.

thanks, laytro.
Norton Cleansweep is one such program. When you install any software, it tracks where files are stored, and what registry changes are made. Then when you use it's uninstaller, it works backward and removes the files and registry entries. I used to use it a long time ago.

If you're looking for just a registry monitor, there's a freeware one at www.sysinternals.com

Hope that's what you've been looking for. :)

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