I need your help!!! EMERGENCY...



My pc was running fine and after a sudden cut of power (I live in Greece :p) I switched my pc on again and none of my 4 usb's were working!!!!
What happened?????

P.S. My pc specifications are:
Intel P4A 2ghz

P.S.2 :rolleyes: sorry about my english... :rolleyes:


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windows proberly cause this to happen, to resolve your problem
right click the my computer icon then goto propties then hardware management, at the bottom you will see your usb hubs located right click it, then goto propities and untick the option that says alow this device to shut the computer down,
that should fix your problem, but i am sure some one else has a better answer to give you.


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zedric, i've been meaning to get one of those... was curious about something, first. if it's labelled "200watt", does that mean that the backup can only put out 200 watts of power? keep in mind i don't want my computer to be able to be on for any more than a couple minutes after the power goes out... just enough time to say "oh, s**t" and shut down. i mostly want it for the voltage regulation.

so, can i get a small, cheap one? or do i need one with like "500watts" for my pc and 19" monitor?


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I would get the bigger 500w one. I personally have a 350w version and if my 19" monitor is plugged in, it beeps often (overload indication). So, I only have the PC itself on the UPS, so if the power went out, I would have to shut the PC off from the case button and hope it shuts off in time since I wouldn;t be able to use the monitor.

The way I have works well as a voltage regulation though. Whenever a big appliance is turned on (like my wife's 200 horsepower vacuum :)), I can hear the UPS click to run off battery until the supply evens out again.

To figure out the size you need, simply add up all your wattages of each component. Note: even though you have a 450w PC power supply doesn't mean it is drawing 450w all the time, just when the PC requires it (drives spinning, high CPU/GPU loads, etc). Average PC wattage is probably about 150-200w depending on components and use. A 19" monitor is about 220w typical.


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thanks for the info. i really didn't want to spend much on one. is there such thing as an inline voltage regulator? i don't really need a battery backup.


thank you guys for your replies but my problem hadn't solved...

Jz1397-4 my usb's are both in board and on an add in card and also on my pc case! and none of them work!!!!

surge i did what you told but nothing changed...

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Well i reckon when the power went, you trashed some important files running the usb devices. I would normally think they'ed blown but if you them on a card as well then I doubt it.

Go to device manager, remove all the usb stuff, hubs, controllers etc. Shut down and restart and see if that cures it.

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