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I need #@$%& permission?!!?


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I just got windows 7, and on a great many files and folders I try to access, move, or delete, it tells me that I don't have permission. Sometimes it tells me that I need to access the security tab for the particular file. Sometimes I have to try and change the permissions for the parent folder. Pretty much everything involves going into properties then two or 3 sub menus for each thing I want to access and delete. What total garbage! XP actually let me do what I want with my files. I am the owner and administrator, how do I get global 'permission' from whatever dictatorial entity is denying me access to my own computer? It's not practical to jump though tons of hoops for each file or folder I want to be allowed to modify. is there a way to turn off permission restrictions completely and finally for everything all at once? I have disabled UAC in control panel, that does not help.


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Are these files and folders ones that were transfered from a old system?

Did you do a upgrade from a older version of Windows to 7?

Those are the only times I've run into that issue where I had to give myself powers to delete etc

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What I do during install is create an account with some name other than mine as I will delete that account after install.

After install I go into group policy and rename Administrator account to my name.

I then enable adminstrator account and I then have full admin in my name.

I then delete the account created during install.

You have to have pro edition or higher of Win 7 to do this as lower editions do not have group policy.

You can still enable the built in admin account in lower editions (through command prompt) but you can not rename it to your name.

Win 8 starts at pro edition and includes group policy.



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interesting. i might try that. i have win 7 ultimate. the only thing i dont understand is renaming it to 'your name' what do you mean by this? I just have an account name and a computer name.

American Zombie

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Look at the pic I attached where I blanked out my name.

What you do is after install change that entry to the name you want then after that you enable the administrator account.

You have to rename first before enabling administrator account.

After that just go to user accounts and delete the account you created during install or just leave it there.

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