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i need help


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i have a asus motherboard and 1700 xp athlon chip and have been trying for the last week to get over a shutdown problem ie freezes on shutting down screen and you have to turn it off at the socket i have installed all the updates and still no better please can any body help


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tried that not a expert so a lot does not make sense but it does shut down ok in safe mode there is no conflicts in device manager thanks for your help though if any more help please


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Re; I Need Help

Sounds like your problem may be caused by a program that you have loaded is trying to access the registry at shutdown and re-boot. Use msconfig to troubleshoot it by choosing selective startup, then disable all 3rd party startup items. If that clears the problem at the second re-boot, then start re-enabling your startup items one at a time & re-boot each time until you find the culprit.
Hope this is of some help to you.


Not an expert either. Did the problem appear suddenly? Did you make any changes recently - hardware, drivers? Do you have SP1 installed, it contains a shutdown patch (seperately available here ), but that's probably not the problem.
Guess you'll have to do a step by step search for the culprit. First close all programs manually, including those in the systray, before shutdown. Then I'd try to change drivers (one by one). Some more links on the topic: click and click
Perhaps someone else has more ideas what to look for and will jump in.
Reformated and it still freezes you say; that's possibly a BIOS problem. Setting your BIOS settings to default; might help. If that doesn't; I would take out the main battery for 10 mins; and then put it back in.

However; it might be something other then the BIOS...


Sometimes I have the same problem, but found out that when I unplug my ADSL SpeedTouch USB modem from my ASUS mb, Windows will shutdown...

Perhaps it is something similar

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