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I need help with my Athlon XP 2100.



Ok, here is the deal. I just got an Athlon XP 2100. It will auto-shut off after about 10 sec into booting time.

One thing I have considered is that it may be overheating. I've read that XP Boards will auto-shut off when the processor overheats. Well I've set the fan to operate at MAX Speed, which is 4800rpm. I'm still getting the same problem though.

I really need help on this. Thanks in advance.


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Is the fan plugged into the header on the mobo or direclty into a PSU connector? Some motherboards have a feature called "Fan Off Control" which automatically shuts the PC down if a fan isnt detected or is spinning slowly (indicating a failure) on the motherboard's CPU1 power header. Check your BIOS for an option to disable FOC. What type of mobo is it by the way?



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yeah concur with JJ... please pose your motherboard and your heatsink information...

sometimes it is a safety feture... thats true...

it could well be that there is a little error in installation...

please include whether you have used a shim or not and if you used thermal paste as well...



Thanks for the input. I finally figured out the problem though. I had to connect a heat sensor onto the processor for the fan to work properly. The weird thing is that it didn't work at max speed?


i have the same problem and need help urgently.....i bought an xp 2000+ and a new mobo....i will get specs in a sec....and i can't boot it up....it keeps restarting.....what have you done to corrrect your problem dep 03.....i need help...i'm going crazy


okay i have a k7S5Aand an AMD 2000+.....here what happens

boots up....goes through post and then.....screen goes blank.....and a BSOD flashes up for a second...but not near long enough to see anything....and then it restarts....
i've tried looking in the bios....i've tried several ide cables with differnt drives.....all cards are seated properly.....i can't figure this out
my fan is connected to the mobo....i don't get it....

please help

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