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i need help (noob at this)

Ok, i have a type of bracket setup, i'm usuing random and everything. Everything works by itself, but once i put it together i get these erros. What i want it to do is at the bottom of the names i want a onmouseover to say ADVANCEMENT HERE, but it never works... the error i get is on the second <a onmouseover... it says that the "<" symbol is a syntax error.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Well, you really need to explain what you are doing, what the problem is more. Most of it doesn't make any sense on its own "bottom of the names" what names where?
Post the code you are using or a link t it if its online.

anyway, without knowing exactly you are doing and trying to acheive this is the code for onmouseover
<A HREF="jmouse.htm" onMouseover="window.status='Hi there!'; return true">Place your mouse here!</A>
The onMouseover bit can conatin just about any javascript code
ok, the begging of the program, when you go over the words it says how many players. You enter in a number, then it ask you what their names are. From that it does its function with variables and on a new page it shows a randomized name that you put in. Then at the bottom of those names i'd like another mouse over there. It doesn't like to appear there... does that help out more?


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can you copy your code here? so we can see whay your attempting? But this might help. COUNT your { and } make sure each one has a mate. Also count the ' make sure its even and none appear in a variable value like var
a = 'it's cold';unless you place a \ before it. so var a = 'it\'s cold'

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