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I Need Firewall Software..but which to choose??..



I want to get some firewall software for my PC, Ive heard and read about Norton Personal firewall & ZoneAlarm.

Norton seems a good one, is it???


I have used Zone Alarm before and didn't like it much. I've heard that Norton has problems with XP but I'm not sure which version or what the problem is. I used to us Sygate Personal Firewall with Win98 and found it excellant. I'm not sure if it's compatible with XP though.


I use Norton Personal firewall 2002 (or wot ever its properly called - i have a memory of a goldfish!!) and it works fine, no probs n no hackers either!


I used Norton Personal Firewall for a long time with no problems at all. It is easy to use and always showed good on all online security checks that I performed. I now have a router with a built in NAT firewall so I dont use it anymore.


OK thanks for the info, I've just ordered Norton Personal Firewall2002, was gonna get Internet Security, but I already have Norton AntiVirus2002!! .


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Although I have a NAT rotuer now, I used to use Norton Internet Security, and loved it. I would recomend it.



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just get the whole suite of norton progs for 2002...

the only problems you would have heard about norton with winXP would have been 2001 and earlier since the O/s is differnet than the previous verions...

the thing to remember is that 2002 is desgined to support XP to the max... please DO GET the suite.. its cheaper and you can use it for many different things... also the defrag program with norton systemworks is better than the XP version :)

I love norton quite a bit.. specially at the student prices at my unviersity...



Sazar99, I'm ahead of you dude, as I already have ..
Norton AntiVirus2002
Norton Utilities 2002
Norton Ghost 2002

If I'd of had the insight at the time I'd of got system works suite, doh!

did someone say fire...f..ff..fire!..f..ff..fire! (faulty towers-TV show)


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well I guess if you put all them cds into ONE box, it'll be a variation of the systemworks suite :D ah well... so long as you have em all mate... thats all that reallly matters...


OOh man, just installed Norton Personal Firewall 2002, got the updates and tested security at symantec & sygate, I'm completely protected now :D

At Sygate.com the tests covers all sorts of attacks and NPF2002 blocked them all!! :D

This software is so cool I'll be recommending this to anyone! lol
Ohh man,

Check if you can pass these tests ...


Go and get probed and test your shields, tell us your results.

I personally hate Symantec, only used it for virus scans, but I changed since then.

I use zonealarm PRO, and personally and corporate wise, never had probs, just had a little configurations to do, but after that, it kicks ass



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How about getting ALL the firewall available in the market. That way you'll be VERY SAFE unless the firewalls have conflict with each other and fail to start or your computer is not powerfull enough to load all those firewall during startup.

The best is to do a research all over the net. Compare!
Don't think so...

Well I think Atguard is completely off, It doesnt pass the test on www.grc.com site, and I played around with it a couple of times, and it didn't really keep me safe.

I think right now the best firewalls out there are ZA and Norton. That's it!

They've been tested by alot of companies out there, and every sigle one of them recommended them.

I find ZA is nice cause it's pretty simple to use for the normal to expert user. But for noobz, well maybe norton would be better, ( Less questions and configs) and good allround security.

Check out www.cnet.com for ratings and see who comes out first. and why.

Have fun getting hacked :p


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