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I made the Deans List !!!


.. Commodore ..
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Man how pumped and excited can a person get ?? All the sleepless sleepless night and no life got me on the deans list. I finished the Semester with a 3.5 gpa :)

Drinks are on me .. WOOT !! I am excited ..


.. Commodore ..
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lol @ Kc. This is the highest GPA I have ever had. I am excited .... Thanx ejn74, I like it also ..
cool..... in our country the highest is 1.. congrats then, may yul have more good grades to come... now you can ask your mom some BMW or Supa computa!!!!


F@H - Is it in you?
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Yah, it's an american thing.

I think it varies a little from school to school but if you hit about a 3.5 (out of 4) gpa, you get on the dean's list for that school/department for the semester.

'Grats johnny.

Evil Marge

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Ah I see,well done.
At my sons school if you get good grades you have a meeting with the headmaster and are given a commendation certificate,our Liam received his last week :smoker:

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