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I love Comcast!

For free? Or did you have to pay for it?

If it's free, I need to talk to them about redoing my bill, since I'm paying extra for 6Mb. I had another cable company that did the same thing and never told me, just kept billing the higher rate.
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It's free. Within the past 8 months or so they have gone from 2mb/s to 4, and now to 6. They are doing this because they are losing so many clients to Verizon. Neither upgrade came with a premium charge :)


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where did you check it?

I know there is the bandwidth meter at cnet but what other ones are there cause I use COmcast too


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Mastershakes said:
I've been at 6.5 for a year. :)

It's all about Cable.
Not in my area, Massachusetts. This change just took affect a few days ago, we were previously at 4mb/s which was only upgraded about 6 months ago.
:p I hate comcast. They donate all sorts of money to propaganda organizations. I have broadband from them, but I switched to satellite for my TV because I didn't want to give them any more $$ then I had to. At least they gave you your upgrade for free!


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3.3 or 3.6 depending on site...but I'm guessing areas with competition are getting the faster speeds instead of all comcast customers.

when the chicago area gets fiber or something similar comcast will up the speeds I bet.

But then I'll move on to SBC Fiber since my bro works for them


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Here in the detroit area. I live in the Northern burbs, we get our upgrade within the month, from a letter I got in the mail. Here is some info from the Comcast forums if you didnt know if you have comcast HSI...

Due to the popularity on the subject regarding the speed upgrades for the Summer 2005 rollout, we will keep this thread locked and update it with the latest information on the speed upgrades. We welcome any questions you may have regarding the new speed upgrades but please post them in this thread. We do ask that you please not inquire when your location will receive the speed upgrade as we do not and will not be able to inform you of what areas are upgraded until those markets have successfully confirmed they have received the upgrade.

New Service/Price Chart
With these new speed offerings, Comcast will be offering the High-Speed Internet at the following tiers of service.

If you currently do not subscribe to any Comcast Cable TV or Comcast Phone services, you will have the following options for HSI available to you:

Down Up
(Mbps) (kbps) Price
4 384 $57.95
6 384 $67.95
8 768 $77.95

If you currently subscribe only to Comcast Limited Basic Cable TV service; Comcast Digital Voice; or Comcast Digital Phone, the following HSI options are available to you:

Down Up
(Mbps) (kbps) Price
4 384 $42.95
6 384 $52.95
8 768 $62.95

If you currently subscribe to at least Comcast Expanded Basic Cable TV service or above, the following HSI options are available to you:

Down Up
(Mbps) (kbps) Price
6 384 $42.95
8 768 $52.95

Roll-out Schedule
At this time, the following markets are the only markets that have officially been confirmed to have the new speeds shown above. If your market is not in this list, please continue to check back in this thread periodically to check for updates.

DE - all of north DE (Dover has not received the upgrade)
MA - all of MA
ME - all of ME
NH - all of NH
NJ - all of NJ
PA - all of PA
I want to move to an area where I can get Verizon Fios, 15Mb for $49.99 By the way, I called comcast today and they gave me their $19.99 for six months promo! WHOHOOOOO!
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I despised my Comcast connection, it worked maybe 70% of the time and the rest the customer service was too inept to figure out what happened.


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Tuffgong4 said:
where did you check it?

I know there is the bandwidth meter at cnet but what other ones are there cause I use COmcast too

dslreports.com has one on their site as well.


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I could get 6 meg threw adelphia, well it's going to be comcast. But, it cost 56.00 a month .. I don't feel the need to pay for it .. I'm just waiting for fios to come out. Then I will be able to tell all others to go get a real connection lol ..

By the way, I have Verizon dsl. I had it for a year now, never had a problem. I used to have cable threw adelphia. I went beck them this week, for a couple of days, the first day I had it back I had to reboot the modem six times .. I am glad I didn't cancell my dsl service yet. Adelphia Cable is going bye bye ..

If the cable companies want to be abl eto beat FIos and dsl. They should lower their prices. And not raise them every year .. I pay 29.99 a month for my dsl.

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