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I know this is sad but...


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Police: Drifter killed Adam Walsh in 1981


I have a 5 yr old and a 17 month old and i cannot even start to comprehend the feelings the parents must have over this.

I know i personally could not take it and would probably go insane... i mean he was not just abducted and killed he was beheaded....

I am lost for words... i just pray that the family can heal some more over this..... wow...

There is nothing more vile on this earth than a child being hurt... nothing....


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It's sickening to see articles like this. I'm really thankful for the way my parents have raised me up and my other brothers and sisters. They've really taken good care of us and work full-time/over-time/over-night just to fulfill our needs.


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in new jersey they where locking them up in saniteriums after their release from jail, because they always pleaded some bull****e case about how they where abused, but the surpreme court ordered them all released as it was against their rights.....


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You know i heard that they found out who it was, but i was expecting a really name. Fun fact tho did you know that over 50 percent of murders get away with it.

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Sadly this happens all too often, many babies and children are subjected to horredous treatment at times by their own family. Look at Baby P, I won't go in to the atrocious torture that poor kid was put through it breaks my heart. Then there's that poor 12 week old baby, I can't even bring myself to type the word which describes what happened to her.


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how did it not got taken away? :eek:

i think everyone should be forced to have a vasectomy/tubal ligation and only have it reversed it they're proven fit of raising a child :p
can we not have smiles in this thread, not to be a dick.... but its just too close to home.

And how these kids dont get taken away is beyond me, most of the time there is a long list of social visits and notes about the child being abused or neglected and nothing is done, then you get cases where children are taken for the wrong reasons, unfortunately, its a human system with human mistakes and judgments.

I'll be honest i cry when i see these stories, i hit my desk it just messes me up, i now no longer read any stories is if see in the heading child hurt/killed/abused or anything like that as i guess i just dont have the consitution to deal with it.


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its ok, i took em out

and i know it can be pretty hard :/ i just read em with the hope that if it happens around me i'll see the signs, but idk really

and while i agree that human systems have flaws, i think a lot work could be done to improve this one.. and should be done

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